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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  September 7, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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catalina island, one killed and three injured. what we're learning about the man killed. what you will notice at whole food stores across northern california. . good morning to you on this labor day monday. it is september 7th. >> it's nice for you to be here. >> good morning. we begin with a developing story where to a yet is -- 880 is shut down and is expected to be shut down. a car hit the power pole, no one was hurt. we'll have a live report at 4:30. a man killed over night is the
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son of peter harris. it happened yesterday morning off catalina island. it killed michael harris. he just graduated from santa claar a university -- claraivity. one person is missing. the coast guard suspended the search. >> the call was that two vessels had collided, one individual was deceased, three were injured and another missing. the coast guard said including harris girl friend suffers minor injuries. peter harris said:
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and 49er ceo tweeted his support. >> . >> our cop dolens as well: continue dollops. it's going to be a nice day, i think. >> a warm week. >> i was in san francisco yesterday, i was thinking, for san francisco. >> september is usually the warmest time of the year for them. >> we don't have fog, if some pops up it won't last long. the coast looks good. at least in september versus july. 52 santa rosa. the nights are long er, it's getting into the 80s and 90s. if there's any fog it's patchy at best. a bit of an offshore breeze.
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fairfield with the northwest, that's not going to do much. a system just clipped the north, no big deal. warm to hot. cool lows, 90s for many. there's a day before bart resuming the trans bay service. the tube remains closed until 4:00 tomorrow morning. the transit agency will provide bus service for people needed to get across the bay today. part says when -- bart says the tracks will be safer. officer ear service -- ferry
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service has been expanded. one of the detours is the drive over the bay bridge, taking a live look, as you can see, two cars going across the toll plaza right now. overall things are looking nicely. look at the golden state bridge, we've a warning about lane chance on the bridge starting tomorrow night. talking about the golden state bridge, traffic should be better leaving san francisco. there will be four northbound lanes, it's been all tear nateing between -- alternating between three and four lanes. but they want to add a 4th lane. there will be only 22 -- and two southbound lanes. >> there's a beach hazard in
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effect. the national weather service says large swells and dangerous rip currents are expected for tomorrow. >> we're seeing big waves and strong rip currents in southern california, a man drowned not far from here in venice, he was swimming 200 yards offshore and pulled under by the rip currents. the national weather service issue a warrant saying there's strong rip currents, and waves up to 7 feet stall and the sneaker waves, life guards are asking the beach goers to be safe. >> some things to do is swim or surf in pairs, be in the ocean
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near a life guard stand. i was surfing out here, it's easy to understand how strong mother nature is. beachgoers say it may not be worth the risk. >> i go waist high or chest high. it's that strong. >> if the elements are not bad enough, on saturday in malibu a kayaker was bit by hammerhead shark. very rare to see hammerheads in the area but the el nino has brought warmer weather to attract more sharks. the family of a woman shot and killed in vallejo is offering a $20,000 reward. she was shot in front of her home. there are no strong leads and the family hope the reward
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money will moat evacuate -- motivate someone. we are learning to live without her. >> i can't rest because the person that stole my baby's life is returning around free. she had just started a new job and on her way to work when she was killed. one of the deputies accused of killing an inmate says she's innocent. he said he never touched michael tyree, and two other deputies are accused of beating tyree to death. a fire caused damage to a school building in sauce lito,
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it was reported yesterday. pictures shows some of the scene. the building was used as a shipyard office in the 40s. it houses offices for willow academy. dna is several hundred thousand dollars. >> happening today, all security guards at the 43 whole food stores will not carry guns, that's after a guard in accused of beating up a customer. the guard stepped anyone slammed the shopper to the ground knocking him unconscious. whole foods announced it's hired a new security firm for the oakland store. saturday at the two men
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stopped a game stop store. they stole money and systems. a witness took down their license plate and the police tracked them down. yesterday were evacuated from their homes and the s.w.a.t. team surrounded the building. >> time was on our side, he couldn't go anywhere, it was a matter of waiting for him to come out. the s.w.a.t. team entered the apartment and arrested one of the suspects. the second suspect is still to loose. san francisco police have made an arrest in connection with a violent continue fronttation -- confrontation. the man flocking a zip car. the driver trying to get out of the car and the cyclist
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pounding on the car with a bike chain. potential clue that could solve a sexual assault on the nap a college. the possible witness. new developments in the refugee crisis in europe. . >> temperature warming up, we'll continue that today, it's the 90s inland, 80s around the bay, cooler or warmer the rest of the week?
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. we continue to follow the refugee crisis in europe. you are looking at video of refugees headed for countries in the european union. 230,000 have arrived. france will accept 24,000 refugees. some are calling for the u.s. to help out. but carly fiorina said that would be a mistake. i think the united states cannot relax our entrance criteria. we have to be careful about who we letten tear to ensure that
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terrorist are not coming here. 4million people have fled syria syria. >> parents of the students have staged departmenttation say -- demonstrations say they do not believe the governments explanation i'm on this labor day, president obama will sign an executive order requiring paid sick leave for employees of federal contracts. he will make a speech this morning. employees working on federal contracts will gain one hour of paid leave for every 30 hours
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they work. 300,000 employees do not receive sick pay. ticket -- caller -- scalpers are trying to make mono off the popes visit. people are trying to sell train tickets for up to $40, 4 times their face value. it's being called the sanders surge. senator bernie sanders jumps to a substantial lead in the new hampshire polls while the investigation into the e-mail server continues. >> good morning, in the 2016 nomination process continues to surprise us. the clinton-bush general election is not looking like a
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long. bernie sanders has a significant lead in the democratic primary polls. the poll says the vermont senator leads clinton 41 to 32%. joe biden has 16%. biden will decide if he's running by the end of the summer. >> i've thought this would be a competitive primary, and i welcome that, this is a contest. a contest of ideas, policies, how we present ourself to the american people. iowa and new hampshire is the first two contests. she maintains a commanding lead in the national polls. spanns -- republicans badger her over her e-mail server. >> it takes a lot of work to
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install a private server system in your basement. it takes a lot of work to conduct personner -- personal and work business. >> those with account previous -- little previous person are pulling ahead. i have to say, the weather was spectacular this weekend, the hot, hot, hot coming our way, i may be complaining. >> it's labor day, give me a break. i'm teasing. >> the weather is nice. we can go out after the show and have a good time. >> seven in the morning?
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>> seven in the morning. what would you like, 85? >> i like 80. >> we're not demanding, just saying. none in the least. 85 on the coast, it will be 90 to near 100 for many inland. the temperatures are very warm. the cooldown last week. the nights radio cooler, near 100, if not today it will be tuesday, wednesday, thursday. high pressure is here, not much of an offshore breeze. 70s to 80s on the coast. anies to near 100 inland. fairfield is 53, santa rosa 52. half moon bay 48. most locations are running a couple degrees warmer, fairfield is 3 degrees cooler,
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there may be fog around monterey bay. 54 ukiah, water temps cool off, high pressure says i will stick around for a week, the system is clipping, it's very dry. sunshine warm to hot. sunny for all including the coast. 90s, 70s 80s by the coast. plenty of 90s inland. most of the week will be this way. we'll see cooler weather by friday and take that into the weekend. rosemary said we'll be flirting with triple dating. i said that's not flirting that's down right dating. >> how to get a free taste of starbucks recipe for the
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pumpkin spice lati.
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. tomorrow is the official debut of the pumpkin spiced lati at starbucks, you can try it early. passes to try the drink, you need to know the secret password, we're going to tell
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you. "pumpkin." it isn't going to include artificial colors and colors and the chain is adding real pumpkin. that was in response to blogs questioning the ingreedients. on wednesday apple fans are hoping to hear about the new iphone . four touch technology will allow touching to trigger new action. it is building the largest global operation outside of silicon valley and that's in austin texas. apple is drawn to austin
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because of the cultural diversity. queen elizabeth will have a break fast cereal. queen flakes, in honor of her being the longest running monashe a around -- monash. it will have her favorite nut. it is only available in manchester. someone is using barbie to people who use social media. it was created by an unanimous social hipster. posted staged pictures of the doll supposed to be having fun.
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steph curry was in the philippines and doing more than showing off his basketball skills. take a look. he busted out his dance moves and did the nene. >> his daughter was a sensation when she did the dance move. she does way better than her dad. he says he learned the dance from his daughter. he was doing a promotional event for under armor. keep going. that's enough. that's enough. reilly had you. the time is 4:25, moving on to
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morer isous topics. the sexual assault at a napa college.
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good morning everybody. welcome back to mornings on 2 it's monday, september 7th i'm brian flores. >> good morning, i'm claudine wong. pam cook will be here in awhile. a man who was killed in a boating accident over the weekend has been identified by family members as the son of former 49ers ceo peter harris. this accident happened just before 1:30 yesterday afternoon. the accident killed 26-year-old michael harris of san francisco. he just graduated from santa claire ram university with a masters in psychology.
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>> there is a warning if you are heading to the beach. a beach hazard. large swells and dangerous rip currents are expected through tomorrow. >> there is a connector between two east bay freeway. it's expected to stay open through this afternoon. an suv hit a power pole in san leandro. alex savidge is there live that has shut down the connector between 880 and everything else. right alex? >> reporter: yes, it is. the southbound connector from 880 and everywhere else. it was an out of control suv that caused this problem here. you can see mg e crews are here for -- it will take several hours to get this wrapped up and in the meantime this transition may not be reopened. now the initial accident
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happened just after midnight when the suv slammed into a power pole and that struck a small brush fire. there were two adults and two kids inside that suv is. we were told they all had minor injuries and again we are told the connector will be closed for a number of hours and in the meantime big rigs we're told are being allowed to use 580 in this area. just get around this area with the connector shut down. it could be quite some time for -- >> it brings to mind the other closure we had on 101 when the huge tower came down. this doesn't sound like it is as complicated even though it will take awhile. >> reporter: yeah. if you ask me a question you have to ask one more time. >> can you hear me now?


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